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BRUCE: Some might say that vast swaths of the current Art Scene already is Insulting and Offensive. But first, lets consider the multi billion dollar, International Art Market. Already an obscenity in itself NOT only for their obsess/abscess with dead Artists and the resale value of their work, but also because carefully selected living Artists are forced to continue creating while wearing Golden Handcuffs. Hold that thought. Ive been to Tate Modern 2 or 3 times recently and found it oppressive: The huge Cathedral-like building + Extension converted with precision, and the best sourced materials. Just like a Cathedral but without Deity to get in the way. The Merchandising and Indoctrination messages for the young children of the family groups reads, The Most Expensive must be The Best and Do not dare to criticise The Art by making a noise or a mess. NAOMI: I think youve said an awful lot there which needs unpacking. I think you need to focus your thinking, as this constitutes numerous blogs. I think the gallery experience angle is interesting. The sanitisation of art. Making art into an institution. Eden it really should be anti institution. I prefer the galleries that maintain a respect for that. How should art be displayed I wonder? How can living artists be seen? I think theres a role for art to speak to us on unlimited levels. Insulting and offensive is part of something much broader. It would be an insult to art to limit it to such a narrowly defined role. It reflects our world back at us and enables us to ask questions, as it opens important debates which happen on a personal level, but also societal and global. So how can it be best curated?