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Another Selfie

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Today started at 05.30. A cup of home made chicken soup and salami on toasted white sourdough bread. I wonder how fattening this all is at this ungodly hour. I’m trying to lose a pound or half a kilo a week —it started well a few months when I cut sugar and wheat from my diet.


I turned on my second computer and found I had some contact sheet style photos which looked very good. I didn’t bother to process them or put a watermark on them. I decided to put them on FaceBook with a high enough resolution  that people could conceivably make A1 sized prints from them . That’s ok, if they had watermarks and prices on them people would see them differently and not pay.As the old saying goes “Art should be Free”.


I’ve worked on commercials which paid £13k a day. After that £45 to shlep around, find the matching photo, printing it and post it seems an annoyance. If my work sold for £4-500 instead of £45, I wonder what my attitude to my work and my customers would be