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1967 My sister Jocelyn attends Guildford School of Art for a Photography Degree. She teaches me developing negatives, printing photographs and editing. She introduced me to the work of Cartier Bresson, Bill Brandt.Donald McCullin and David Bailey seemed to feature every weekend in the Observer or Sunday Times.

1973 Discovered the exhibition catalogue Family of Man organised by Edward Steichen. I was bitten by the photography bug. This was closely followed by being shown the Work of Ansel Adams.

1974 Befriended Jo Spence - Feminist Photographer and did voluntary work at Camerawork Magazine

1977 Studio assistant to Barry Flanagan, Sculptor

1978 Escape from Sandals and Brown Rice Household in Kentish Town. To live in squats in Paris, Burnley, and Donegal. Rented a 2 up, 2 down house in Salford for £7 a week. Drew cartoons and made some music but it was all rubbish

1980 Studied Fine Art under Gill Ingham and John Saxon. Enrolled in a Carpentry and Joinery trade school in Enfield.

1981 Freelance carpenter, decorator and shopfitter.

1982 Studied Furniture Design at London College of Furniture

1989 Studied under Adam Caruso at North London University. Subjects were Fine Art, Furniture Design and Architecture.

1990 Did a lot of work as Film Extra gradually rising to Supporting Artist.

1991 Studied Stand up Comedy and Script writing. Wrote 13 scripts over 13 years. All rubbish. Made Surreal A3 sized newsletters were sent to friends and Galleries with photocopied text and pasted on photographs. Not one reply or letter of appreciation.

1992-2022. Lots of film parts and appeared in several lucrative Commercials. Painting Oil pictures on 10’ by 7’ Canvases. Text, Photo and Drawing Collages on A4 paper .

2017-2018 The Eye of the Beholder Exhibition of A1 sized photos at the Outpost Gallery in Holloway Road, London. One sale. No reviews.

2019 The About Face Exhibition. A3 size photos featuring friends and contacts under studio conditions. The Kings of Drag Books 1-5 published.

2022 Work starts on Kings of Drag Books 6, plus a book with photos and text about Irish people with Kathryn Johnston writing the text.