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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well, reproduced below is a song lyric which is worth a thousand films. We've all seen stiff looking couples dining together in a restaurant and not saying a word to each other. That is the departure point for this wonderful moving song by Tony Bennett and Bill Evans. I first heard the song in the 1980's and have played it almost every week since then.

I do not own the rights to this song and only reproduce it below for educational purposes.

The Two Lonely People

by Tony Bennett and Bill Evans

The two lonely people Sit silently staring, Their eyes looking coldly ahead, The two lonely people Once loved and were caring, But now that's all over and dead.

They don't know what happened, They can't think what happened, They had something fine of their own, But the two lonely people Have turned into statues, Yes, turned into statues of stone.

The world was their moon once, A yellow balloon once, It held all their hopes and their dreams, But then time came and broke them, Reality woke them, The world's not so pretty it seems.

For love that once mattered, Is old now and battered, But must it be shattered in two ? The two lonely people, Would give all their life, Yes, they'd give all their life if they knew.

the two lonely people sit silently staring Their eyes looking coldly ahead

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