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Lockdown 2

Bruce Wang Citizen Wang Studio
Citizen Wang Studio

Article By Bruce Wang @

With Lockdown and being self employed, getting out of bed in the morning and telling myself, "I am a Creative Artist , an Art Photographer who used to street photography and odd angles. But now I specialise in photographing people who are out of the normal run of life, who have created and reinvented themselves". With no one to interact with and no models to shoot. I turn to my collection of Art Books, books by Avedon, Duffy, Auerbach , Krasner, Basquiat, Bomberg and Schiele. There's plenty more, bought at a time when I had almost as much money as sense. It's amazing really, I try to wade through books by John Berger and Susan Sontag, and here I am living through those books again just by studying my models' expressions, the lighting and then looking at Fine Art books for ideas.