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Meetings With The Stars

Bruce Wang Citizen Wang Studio
Bruce Wang as General Lu Tong - Bridget Jones Baby

Article By Bruce Wang @

A meeting with Sam Mendes It was a casting at Pinewood Studios for a part in the James Bond film Skyfall. A 3 hour wait in the company of 3 pretty boy actors who were comparing roles a year after Drama School Graduation. Finally it was my turn to meet with the great Sam Mendes who would win Oscars with the eventual Skyfall film. Maybe he had had enough with the three pretty boys that he cut straight to the chase with me. What was my favourite role? He asked and I babbled on about a no budget movie where I actually had some dialogue. What was my most memorable film?. I said Out for a Kill with Steven Seagal, where I had a 1-2-1 fight scene with Seagal. Everybody has had a fight scene with Steven Seagal. Mendes said, and I knew I wouldn't be included in the Skyfall cast. On the set of Bridget Jones' Baby I had a non speaking part but I was paid the full rate for the day's filming.

I was the speechless with rage General Lu Tong in the News studio interview scene where they mistakenly interview my Chauffeur. I was on screen for about 5 seconds and was paid handsomely. Renee Zellwegger greeted me personally saying Hi Bruce, I'm Renee. I first noticed Ms Zellwegger in Nurse Betty many, many years ago and knew that she would go far. I never thought we would ever shake hands. With Steven Seagal in Sofia, Bulgaria. My first speaking role in a movie and a 1-2-1 fight scene with the star of the show too. Mr Seagal is a huge man and immensely strong in Aikido technique and brute strength. Somehow after he had my arm in a hold and then released me, I felt a lightness in my arm and energy flowing through it. Something that had never happened before.