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Bruce Wang Citizen Wang Studio

Article By Bruce Wang @

Dear Bruce, I agree, we certainly don't make art to make money. It's something that cannot and shouldn't be quantified. It's so personal and so important, as it reaches out and touches so many people, who then feel less alone. That is what your website will do. I can't imagine your sitters would see you as a threat, you are far too warm and personable. I think it's the camera itself that can feel quite daunting, like it's not just looking at me, but sees into me. I think to really embrace sitting for a portrait is to open be self up to true vulnerability, which is precious. So many of us have so many guards up these days. How do you feel when you meet a new sitter? What puts you at ease? What sets you on edge? You are also making yourself vulnerable after all. It's quite an intimate exchange isn't it. I'm off to bed. Sleep well. Naomi xx