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Size, Stopwatch and true love micropenis

Article By Bruce Wang @

SIZE, STOPWATCHES AND TRUE LOVE MICROPENIS We all must remember our adolescent yearnings for Married Love or Relationship Love where there is rutting all day and halfway into the night, until both partners collapse into Narcolepsy, induced by too many orgasms. Stopwatches. Myself, I was born in 1953 and I am A Grower not a Shower . Size. In 2022 I started a Meaningful Relationship which rendered all previous relationships relatively execrable ie badly choreographed and scripted, with performers who did not know their motivations and missed most of their cues. I must put it on record that I am experiencing bigger and stronger erections @ 68 years old than when I was 20. However the Jizzum Quantity is still low.. This may be down to my Chemotherapy side effects. I do not possess a Micropenis, but years and years ago I chanced upon an advert which looked like a cigarette case with adjustable aperture and upholstered lining. This proud product brought home to me, at a glance, its tragic implications it has remained in my psyche and has been part of everything I feel whilst writing this Sex Manual. REST ASSURED, BROTHERS.