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Stav B and Anka Dabrowska

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Stav B and Anka

Article By Bruce Wang @

Stav B and Anka


Anka and I have known each other for nearly a decade. We have been lovers for nearly five. 

Ever since she came into my life, she has been constant and loyal and visible, something that, in my perpetual isolation, solitude and privacy I got to understand, accept and welcome. Yes, I took my time, but with a combination of life, fate and circumstance; we got it together and decided to navigate the waves together in brutal honesty, the mutual respect for individuality, trust and deep love. 

We are different people, from different upbringings, habits, issues, stories and we celebrate that, but we are also equally stubborn, controlling perfectionists and hard workers, so I suppose it all balances out. These are the minds of artists (Anka’s work is drawing and sculpture and mine, performance, film and sound); we are naturally speaking a different language to the rest of the world, everything is thought about and manifested in an amplified way. That does not mean we are above it all and not part of the world; on the contrary, we feed from the simple things in life, we have got our feet on the ground, we are alert and awake to everything; it’s food for thought and development and creativity.

Our styles are different too, but it works. We both love to dress up, it is like a project: I love wearing dead men’s pants and dramatic jackets and Anka will follow the latest trend and manipulate it: it will never look like a track suit bottom. 

We are not perfect, this is not our goal. We bicker, scream and shout as well as laugh and cry. But we are a good team, grateful for everything we have. And we continue. S.B December 2020