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Hello everybody!! My name is Bruce Wang and I have been taking photos for over 50 years.


In this blog I will start off with a very brief run through of the years 2017 to 2020. 2017 was my first ever Exhibition "Eye of the Beholder".


2019 was my second Exhibition "About Face". 2020 saw the publication of Kings of Drag books 1-5. To give you some idea of what I will be including in future blogs:-

I will be talking about my long series of self portraits which are on my Timeline on Facebook which were inspired by the self portraits of Rembrandt and Lucien Freud. Some people might find interest in the relationship I have with the people I photograph, all of whom are by invitation only. In retrospect my life's work has been about how people inhabit the skin they live and how they use the space their bodies inhabit.


In the past I have had pleasure and and financial gain from building spaces and furniture for paying customers who became friends in the process. I have studied Fine Art, Carpentry, Architecture and Furniture Design. During a troubled youth I underwent Laingian Psychotherapy.


If you look at my Resume you will see a gap, 1990-2017...I was busy working on a total of 15 screenplays which never saw the light of day and I was getting a lot of Acting work, first as an Extra but later graduating to Supporting Artist with dialogue, not to mention a few starring roles in numerous commercials.