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Spinach Kebab and Red Braces a Film by Bruce Wang, starring Alexander Fodor. World Premier in about a week on Face Book. If there’s two things in my life which I sincerely regret, they are an obsession with Anarchism and taking LSD when at University. The Anarchism which most people have heard of was the Spanish Civil War anarchists who were a hopeless and romantic bunch. It’s only recently that I heard they burned down churches and raped nuns. But there’s also modern day anarchists (the 1970’s fashion for communes within squatted houses) that I chose to be involved with from 1973—1979. There were a few nice people but the majority were just scumbags. I was born in 1953 and ’73-’79 would have been my Angry Young Man phase. It was precisely these years that Rik Mayall (born 1958) and Adrian Edmondson (born 1957) were referring to in their sitcom The Young Ones. Repeats of The Young Ones have shown them to be a bit dated although I tuned in every week in the 80’s and found them hilarious. Plus ca change, plus la meme chose. And now in 2021, I find myself living solo in a Housing Association flat paid for by Housing Benefit, making films and taking photographs. All I am saying is that the anarchic storyline of Spinach Kebab and Red Braces is the amalgamation of The Young Ones and Chien Andalou. From the dissonance and occasionally lyrical notes of the soundtrack, to the casting of a middle aged man in red braces, red underpants and odd socks, to a storyline which can only be surmised from repeated viewing. I have watched Spinach Kebab and Red Braces more than 15x and have found great amusement and a story that has to be told.