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Bingo Mania

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Bingo Hereee you are

Article By Debs @

Bingo Mania by Debs

My life is a happy accident. I met Bruce as his cleaner via an agency and ended up as his web developer and SEO planner. This is how exists..

In 2016 I won a small bingo Jackpot and took myself on holiday to Jamaica. It was there I met Bruce - not Bruce Wang but Bruce Spencer.. In a month we were married and have been ever since.

It is a struggle for me though as I had no income in Jamaica only what was in my bank which was getting smaller by the day.. As we were kind of randomly married we were investigated to see if we were a genuine couple.. This caused me to lose my passport for several months making my rent accrue in the UK..

Eventually they evicted me while I was still over there..

Obviously I have to return to see my family and deal with my life in the UK and have had to rely on my friends for somewhere to stay.

All I can say is a massive thank you to them.

I found a cleaning agency in London who gave me some work and that is how I met Bruce Wang.

After about 5 or 6 cleans one night he asked me if I knew anything about computers? He was stuck with something. Can I fix it?

Luckily for me and Bruce I am interested in tech, I did a degree course in computing back in 2005 and had built an android app.

The long and the short of it is that I did fix it..

Bruce told me about his photography business and his latest books he had created a few months before.

I told him I could build a website and handle his SEO... the rest is history.

I love bingo. It changed my life and maybe one day I will win the big one.

I am not saying people should gamble by any means. I watched a documentary about problem gambling on the BBC recently and it was sad to watch.

I am lucky... My life has panned out this way because of it..

Its been a rocky road but I'm getting there day-by-day.

I might lose sometimes trying to win jackpots but sometimes I actually do win something good.

I believe life is guided somehow and I love the randomness bingo wins bring. Maybe it's my lucky spirit that made me max out on that 1 game that guided me to my husband, Bruce and citizen wang studio.

Bingo also reminds me of my mum who passed away in 1993. We used to go every week.

But still I plod along with my web development as that is far more likely to get me the house I need to own so I can move backwards and forwards to the West Indies as I need. My husband and Spruce my step-son need me there as well as my family in the UK.

I need that miracle to happen. I was not born rich.

I am going out tonight with my daughter to land bingo at Leo Leisure.. Gareth Gates is opening the brand new hall.

I would like to win 1000 pounds but it could be anyone of us that wins the bingo! Ha

Forever Optimistic


Update: Just got back from bingo. I won 212 pounds.. It was a really wonderful night with some old faces of the days when my mother was here.

Happy days. I shared it with my daughter and it will add to her holiday fund.